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An InverterCool A/C heat pump is next to a residential home

How to Choose the right size A/C Heat Pump for Your Home

Selecting the appropriate size of a heat pump AC unit for your home can be overwhelming. Picking a system that is too large can cause inefficiency and damage to the unit, while choosing a system that is too small may fail to efficiently heat or cool your home. If you're struggling with this decision, here are three ways that can help:

Option 1: Estimate What Size of A/C Unit You Need

This is a simple approach. You can estimate the A/C Heat Pump size using a basic rule of thumb based on the square footage of your home (For cooling, it's typically around 20 BTUs per square foot, and for heating, it's around 30-40 BTUs per square foot) and pick up the match one according to the product reference. If the product specification shows the footage it can meet with, it can be easier for you to verify the size. However, this method is quite rudimentary and may not be very accurate, as it doesn't take into account many factors that affect heating and cooling needs.

A table with InverterCool heat pump models

Option 2: Use Calculation Tools

This method involves a more detailed and precise calculation. It takes into account a variety of factors like climate, home insulation, window types, orientation of the house, and even the number of occupants. While there are online tools available to perform such calculations, they can be complex and might still require some level of expertise to ensure accuracy. Luckily, some HVAC companies will have their tools in simplified versions to help you select their specific product size. Click to see the InverterCool calculation tool>>

Option 3: Consult with HVAC Technicians

This is often the most reliable method. HVAC technicians can perform a detailed assessment of your home and use their expertise to recommend the appropriate size A/C heat pump. They have the tools and knowledge to account for all variables, ensuring that the heat pump system is a perfect size for your home and proper installation for optimal performance.

An accurately sized air conditioner with heat pump contributes to energy efficiency, cost savings, and overall comfort. When you are hesitant about the size selection, asking HVAC experts for help is a great way. InverterCool is an HVAC company that provides efficient and reliable heat pump systems and one-stop services in Florida and California. If you have any questions, call our experts at 855-394-2121 to help.

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