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We provides a 10-year Limited Parts Warranty for all InverterCool equipment, as long as it is a qualifying matched system, and it is registered by InverterCool contractor within 90 days of purchase. Otherwise, it will receive a 5-year limited warranty. This is on the equipment is attached to the equipment and the address of the location they are installed at and are transferable for up to the 10 years.

With this you will gain peace-of-mind knowing that you will receive replacement parts FREE of charge for up-to 10 years. This standard offering covers all components included in all InverterCool heat pump system at the time of manufacture. The 10-year limited warranty is in affect from the time of install.

*Terms vary depending on which InverterCool product you own. Consult the documents that arrived with your product for more details. Product must be registered and compliant with all conditions to be eligible.

Document Download:

InverterCool Limited Part Warranty Sheet

If you online purchase our All-in-one Heat Pump Systems and have the standard installation service, you can have the additional 10-year labor warranty with FREE repairing labor cost and 10 years Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) service without registration requirement, our triple warranty automatically follows.

Looking for a hassle-free purchase experience with comprehensive services and a 10-year triple warranty protection? Consider adding InverterCool all in one heat pump systems to your replacement plan today! Take action now by clicking on "Shop Now".