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Professional Installation

1. What Does Installation Include?

The technician will arrive at your home with the equipment you pre-purchased and additional materials needed to complete the installation, including:

  • Whip/Disconnect
  • Condenser pad
  • Heat strip (if required)

While installation starts, the technician will also perform these services:

  • Replace the old equipment
  • Flush/vacuum lines (as needed)
  • Make plenum connections
  • Recover old refrigerant
  • Install the FDD device
  • Install the dryer filter in the liquid line
  • Installing the surge protector between outdoor unit and outdoor disconnect
  • Adjust refrigerant charge per the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Replace your old thermostat with InverterCool Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat. (This is optional. If you like your existing thermostat better, you can just keep the new thermostat because it’s complimentary with your product purchase)
  • Haul away old equipment


2. What Is NOT Included? 

During the inspection and installation, the technician will not:

  • Perform a load calculation
  • Change the grading or landscape
  • Repair or modify a roof
  • Modify structure, provide carpentry, or painting services
  • Modify electrical wiring between the service panel and disconnects
  • Change/run gas lines
  • Modify or install any ductwork beyond the plenum connections


3. Can I Trust the Installer?

You can rest easy knowing that InverterCool backs all installations with a 10-year Labor Warranty.
In addition, we provide trusted, certified HVAC local contractors that are experienced to install your equipment. Each installer is vetted, approved, and reviewed after each job by customers just like you.
  • We use an actively managed and monitored contractor network
  • All contractors are screened before being added to the network
  • We do NOT sell leads to contractors
  • Our prestigious contractor base develops lasting customer relationships
  • Contractors must maintain a good track record for punctuality, professionalism, and quality to remain in the network

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If you have any question, please call InverterCool support number 1 (855) 632 0620 or email, we are happy to assist you.