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Claim credit for heap pumps

25C Tax Credit | Residential Heat Pump improvements

If your residential air conditioning unit is too old or it costs you extra in paying more for utilities expenses. Now it is the right time to make a replacement for a new air source heat pump. The 25C tax credit has up to a maximum of $2000 claimed amount for qualified heat pumps purchased and installed between January 1, 2023, and December 31, 2032.

Which InverterCool models can apply for 25C Tax Credit?

Models for 25C tax credit

Supposed you are looking for a smart residential inverter ducted heat pump system, above InverterCool models should be your best choice to make upgrades with energy saving and cost saving.

2Ton Ultra System

With patented variable speed technology, even 2 Ton ultra size, you could achieve faster heating and cooling. This highly efficient temperature control not only allows you to escape from a humid, hot or cold season and enjoy a comfortable space at ease, but also saves an extraordinary amount in conventional energy costs daily and yearly.

3Ton Ultra System

Compared with 2Ton Ultra one, the 3Ton Ultra System can meet a bigger space to be cooled. Because it is high efficiency enough, with a 3ton air handler and 5ton outdoor condensing unit, it just takes 35000 Btu per hour cooling capacity can achieve a SEER2 rating of 17.

After you installed InverterCool ac systems, we will provide 10 years warranty to the system. During this time, an FDD device inside the condensing unit will help monitor your system to keep regular running and alert technicians for a remotely fixing if something is wrong, so that the long-last life span could avoid much extra repairs cost on maintenance.

Overall, the increased 25C tax credit is a benefit for you to have a residential energy efficiency improvement. You don’t need to pay what actually you have with this credit and you can save more cost in 10 years with a replacement of InverterCool heat pump system. If you don’t know if the size is right for your home, try our InverterCool model selection tool for a great energy saving model. The credit is expired in 10 years, quickly order online or contact us to saving more from today!

Choose for your needs or leave comments below if you're interested in InverterCool! 

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