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InverterCool 4/5 Ton Heat Pump Condenser
InverterCool® 4-5Ton Heat Pump Condenser Unit
InverterCool® 4-5Ton Heat Pump Condenser Unit
InverterCool® 4-5Ton Heat Pump Condenser Unit

InverterCool® 4-5Ton Heat Pump Condenser Unit

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About the Item

What you can get in All-In-One Package:


√ Variable Speed HP Condensing Unit:COH16S-60AAA

√ FDD Remote Device:G910L

√ Surge Protector:DTK-120/240CM+


√ Site Inspection

√ Professional Installation Service


√ 10-Year Limited Part Warranty

√ 1 Year FDD Service

Customer Reviews

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Dave B.
Great experience

Great experience shopping with Invertecool! Sales support was informative and the installation was professional. Very pleased with the outcome!

Works well in a 2200 square foot space

I bought this item after a personal recommendation from a friend who has the same unit and raved about it. I did my own research and felt so overwhelmed by all the options. But their service is better more. I stuck with this one and I am glad I did.

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Once you have chosen and paid for your order, you do not need to worry about anything else. We offer a seamless, one-stop experience that covers manufacturing, delivery, installation, and 10-year warranty.
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How loud will it get in max cooling and max heating?

This is inverter product, they are quiet opertion, the sound level can be as low as 56dB. If you are very sensitive about the noise, we can set up super slicent mode for you and it will run even quieter based on your requested time period.

What’s the power consumption for keeping the compressor warm in winter?

The power consumption is various by so many factors such as ambient temperature, setting temperature, insulation level of your house and how many people live in the house. Generally speaking, inverter system will be more energy saving than any fixes speed product. It is suggested to keep using heat pump until 5 F.

Will you install surge protector for the outdoor unit?

Yes, our package includes the surge protector.

How will parts availability be guaranteed in 10 years?

We have warehouse in TX, FL, CT and ME. Our business has been 8 years and keep growing each year.

Does the price include permit?

Yes, permit included.