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InverterCool  4 Ton Heat Pump System
InverterCool® 4Ton Heat Pump System
InverterCool® 4Ton Heat Pump System
InverterCool® 4Ton Heat Pump System
InverterCool® 4Ton Heat Pump System
InverterCool® 4Ton Heat Pump System
InverterCool® 4Ton Heat Pump System

InverterCool® 4Ton Heat Pump System

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About the item

Product Specification:

 Cooling Capacity: 45000 Btu/h 

 Heating Capacity: 46000 Btu/h

 16 SEER2;10.4 EER2;8.5 HSPF2 

 Outdoor: 29.1''W x 33.2''D x 29.1''H 

 Indoor: 24.5''W x 56''D x 21'' H 

 Recommended Area: 1950~2200 Sqf 


What's In The Package?

 Condensing Unit: COH16S-60AAA  

 ECM Air Handler: CVTAN-48AA

 Electric Heat Kit: 5kw

 FDD Remote Device: G910L

 Surge Protector: DTK-120/240CM+


Triple 10 years warranty 

10-year spare parts with delivery   
10-year repairing labor     
10-year remote faults detection and diagnosis 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Melissa L.
Does a great job

Had a few hiccups during financing, but they resolved everything promptly. I appreciated their dedication to customer satisfaction. Happy with my new heat pump!

Mark Savino
Good service

I'm pretty happy with the overall experience to buy and install. I like to transparent pricing unlike the Shell game the normal AC contractors pull. Installer was top of the line. My only negative comment is that they should give you a better thermostat I ended up having to go back to my nest cuz the other one was not up to par.

Great unit

We love our new unit from InverterCool. The cost savings are noticeable. Thank you

Sarah Lee
Works great!

Upgrading our HVAC system with InverterCool was so easy. The heat pump works perfectly, and we've noticed a significant drop in our energy bills.

Vikey W.

Bought this unit a few weeks ago. It outperforms the units we've bought in the past.
I have a 2000 sqft living space, and when the temperature was 93 °F outside, this unit kept the inside at a comfortable 74 °F. Quiet and very easy to operate. Let's see the bill this month.
And yep, the service is incredible. They have staff to contact me soon after I order and then schedule site checking and installation. Everything is perfect!

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Once you have chosen and paid for your order, you don't need to worry about anything else. We offer a seamless, one-stop service that covers manufacturing, delivery, installation, and 10-year warranty.
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